Hello! I'm Antro. I create 3d models for Vtuber, VRChat & Games. I would love to bring your character to life. Come, Follow me & commission me!

Contact me:

Discord: antro#3555 | Email: [email protected]
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Models made completely from scratch.
Good Topology, Medium/High Poly, Fully-Rigged, Shaded as per your ref.
Please check faq for queries regarding commissions

Pricing & Info:

Base Price: $1200
Model fully rigged as unity humanoid + Basic Facial expressions (5-8) + Mouth Visemes + Blender Source File + FBX + Textures + Full IK Rig for animation + Full Commercial usage license.
Full Body Base: $400
Model will include a full body base, rigged & textured.
VRM/VSF for Vtubing: $150
I will provide you a VRM file for Vtubing in programs such as 3tene, Luppet, VSeeFace or any other VRM compatible programs.
VRChat Unity Package: $150
I will provide you vrchat unity package fully setup and ready to upload.
MMD File: $200
MMD file with basic physics & collision setup for making dance videos.
VRChat Quest Compatible: $400
I will tone down the model and make a separate version to be compatible with quest. Quality of quest version will be lower than the original model. Please note not all models can be ported to quest, sometimes the model design maybe too complex for conversion. I will inform you if that's the case.
ARKit/IPhone/Android(MeowFace) Face Tracking 52 Blendshapes: $250Extra Outfit/Complexity/Other: $250-$800
Complexity is based on the overall design, costumes and the figure of the character. Not having proper references may also be included as complexity. Below are some estimates.
Complex design, patterns & outfit: $250-$500
Extra outfits: $250-$750
Male model (Big, hefty & muscular figures): $400-$800
NSFW work: $250-$500
Extra facial expressions: $20-$50 each
If you want to keep your commission private for a specific time or forever: $100-$300
If you want priority on your commission(Urgent): +40% of order value
Full Ownership Rights to the 3d model: +100% of order value.
You should atleast have a front reference. Your Live2D model is more than welcome as reference.
Work progress of all commissioned works will be posted on Twitter and final model will be posted on Sketchfab/Artstation as a view only.


How do I request for a commission?
When commissions are open, you can fill up the form through the, "Commission Form" tab and wait for me to contact you. If you are not sure about pricing or features, you can contact me through twitter, discord or email with a reference for your character.
Do i have to credit you in my socials?
I highly encourage you to credit me. It helps me grow as an artist and its how I have come this far. But its not compulsory to do so. If you wish to credit me, you can mention my twitter id @antro3dcg
What programs will you use to make the model?
Mostly blender and unity. But some other painting programs may be used for texturing.
What are the prices?
Please check the commissions tab for prices.
How do payment works?
Payments are taken through PayPal or Payoneer.
50% payment must be done in advance and rest 50% at the end before delivery of final files.
Will I get update regarding my commission?
Yes, I will try to update you at each milestone on the model. However, if you think I'm out for too long, please ask me don't be shy. I don't bite ^~^
Do you make fan-art models or a character/design that I do not own?
Yes yes, I do as long as the character is from a media franchise such as anime or video game. But I only take one fan-art commission in a month. If the slot is taken, you will need to contact me next month. Also, some fan-art models maybe subject to discount if you allow me to keep its license.
Why are male models priced higher?
Male models mostly have complex body base and i have always observed that male models have less satisfaction rate so i have to go all out to satisfy a male model client.
Can you create model from just a picture i.e. no reference sheet?
While I highly recommend getting a reference sheet designed, I can create model from any picture but that will be subject to extra cost.
Can you create the 3d model from just my Live2D model as reference?
Yes, you are more than welcome to submit your Live2d model as reference. I will try to replicate your Live2D style in 3d. I love doing this so don't worry.
How many revisions can I request?
You can request revisions as long as it is within the scope of your original reference. If the revision goes out of your original design, you will need to pay extra charge. Also, please note revision after final delivery of files will be subject to 30%-40% of total order price.
How long will it take to make a 3d model?
Depending on the complexity, a simple model can take up to a month to finish.
Can you create outfits or apply modifications to an existing character?
Yes absolutely if the character is made by me. If the character is made by someone else, pricing will be higher and I have some limits so do contact me with the character model file. I will check and let you know.
Can I cancel my order due to some circumstances?
This depends on how much progress I have made on the model. If there is very little or no progress, you can get full refund with a cancellation fee of 10%. In case of significant progress, 50% of the total order value will be kept and rest will be refunded.


  • Commission will only be accepted after at least 50% advance payment is received.

  • Concept arts must have at least one full body front reference.

  • Extra complexity fee may be charged based on your reference.

  • Shading of the model is usually done as per reference provided unless otherwise stated.

  • I would not make full body base (details Inside the clothes) unless it has been specified and paid for.

  • Commercial usage rights is included with the base so you don't have to pay any extra charges.

  • I can reject a request if it doesn't meet certain commission requirements or is not to my liking.

  • It will take about 30 days for me to finish a work after I start working on it.

  • Any change in the initial reference after work has begun will be subject to extra charge or a mutual cancelation.

  • I will provide updates on your commission at each point, please respond asap to avoid delay.

  • All commission works will be posted on my twitter, sketchfab and artstation for view only.

  • Additionally, I may also post WIPs related to the commission on twitter, if you want to keep your commission private you will need to pay extra charge.

  • If you are commissioning me, I highly encourage you to credit me for the model in your socials but its not compulsory. Its just how we as an artist grow.